The Arctic Rose Foundation provides its supporters with an informed and unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to Northern communities.


Arctic Rose Foundation Founder Susan Aglukark, an Inuk singer-songwriter originally from Arviat in Nunavut, works to improve the lives of people in the North, Inuit Nunangat and Indigenous communities throughout Canada. She invites you to make a difference.


As a singer-songwriter, Susan believes in the healing power of art and music. She has shared her experience of healing throughout Canada and around the world for many years.


The Arctic Rose Foundation congratulates Founder and Program Developer, Susan Aglukark, on being named the recipient of the 2022 Humanitarian Award Presented by Music Canada at the upcoming 51st annual JUNO Awards.

“We [Inuit and Indigenous peoples] have an extraordinary past, much of which has been kept from us, and removed from the history books. To give them, and ourselves, the opportunity to learn about our very own heroes, heroes our children and youth desperately need right now, to engage them in that story and that culture, will help them to aspire for more, to dream and to reframe who they are in today’s world.” 

– Susan Aglukark, Founder & Program Developer, The Arctic Rose Foundation

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If you are ready to help make a difference to the lives of Inuit and Indigenous youth in the North, please donate today. Follow the link to our Canada Helps donation page to make a secure donation.

Life in the North

Young people in Canada’s Northern communities face structural inequities and barriers, including access to mental wellness services, health care, education, safe spaces, appropriate housing, healthy food and water. The Arctic Rose Foundation seeks to help address these challenges.

Intergenerational Trauma
Inuit and Indigenous youth also face cultural disconnects due to the erosion of their culture through the loss of language and traditional knowledge – a result of intergenerational trauma and the legacy of residential schools. The Arctic Rose Foundation seeks to help bridge the identity gap that has contributed to the mental health and suicide crisis in the North.

Population Growth
The population growth rate in Nunavut is three times the national average, with young Indigenous populations growing faster than any other demographic in Canada. The stress on the system creates many challenges.

Health and Wellness
Northern communities face challenges due to income and housing discrepancies, and limited access to healthy food, clean water, safe spaces and culturally-relevant programs. Our program model is intentional – offering consistent staff, supports and safe space for Inuit and Indigenous youth, all of which are important to mental and emotional wellness.

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The Arctic Rose Foundation is a charitable organization that grew out of the Arctic Rose Project, started by Inuk singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark in 2012. Officially designated as a registered charity in 2016, and incorporated in 2020, the Arctic Rose Foundation works to support Northern Inuit, First Nations and Métis youth through the creation of Indigenous-led, arts-based after school programs, and other engaging cultural and creative projects.